Fowler Construction Services Ltd. offers a complete range of construction services, all of which can be contracted in a number of different ways.

Competitive Tender Pricing

Here at Fowler Construction Services Ltd., we have a long history of providing innovative project solutions through stipulated price contracts. The work will be performed as expected and as envisioned and defined by the client. Those who choose this contract method also choose ease and assurance, knowing the cost of the work is firm and deficiencies, if any, will be corrected by the contractor, who takes full responsibility for the work.


Combining several phases of the project’s life cycle, this contract method ensures the client certainty in two of the most important aspects of any construction project: cost and scheduling. Design/Build creates a single contract between Fowler Construction Services Ltd. and their client. We supplement our in-home staff by engaging the services of independent consultants to give our customers innovated, well-designed and cost-effective projects.

Construction Management

The key to the success of any construction project is strong management. From concept to completion, Fowler Construction Services Ltd. provides clients with the proper planning, development and implementation needed to achieve desired results.

Additional Services


We work closely with a large number of subcontractors and suppliers on projects in order to deliver our clients well-designed and cost effective results. We view these subcontractors as partners in our business and highly value their hard work. They are a large part of our delivery system and an important source of our overall success in the industry.


Along with new construction, Fowler Construction Services Ltd. also specializes in the renovation of facilities that remain operational and occupied during construction. Our first priority is public safety and the maintained comfort of our clients during the work period.